Kit Carson County rodeo
Urban News - single images
gun violence - single images
Elijah McClain wrongful death verdict
Club Q shooting
Kit Carson County population decline
Strasburg High School celebrates Arapaho Day
VCP Village - tiny homes for homeless veterans
Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo wildlife rescue
Colorado brand inspectors fight cattle rustling
ABM shuttle service at DIA
Montbello High School renovations
Westwood gentrification
General Assignment
NYPD deaths of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos
San Basilio Palenque Colombia
Marshall Fire
court assignments
September 11th - fifteen year anniversary
George Floyd Protest - Colorado
Stop and Frisk NYC
notable people - single images
Space Shuttle relocated to Intrepid Air Museum
GW High School math class
STEM High School shooting
Coney Island drowning rescue
Denver Celebrates Pride
King Soopers shooting Boulder, CO
Planned Parenthood Shooting, CO Springs
Moses becomes a farmer
Haselden Construction Spanish language safety classes
Poverty - single images
Donald Trump campaigns in Colorado
Pete Buttigieg campaigns in Colorado
Bernie Sanders campaigns in NYC
Elizabeth Warren campaigns in Colorado
Amy Klobuchar campaigns in Colorado
Protest - single images
Women's March - Denver 2017
Women's March - Denver 2018
Bannock Memorial Crit
People and Street - NYC
People and Street - Egypt
People and Street - Colombia
People and Street - Jordan, Syria, Turkey
People and Street - Israel
People and Street - multi locations
People and Street - Denver
Murray and Helen - Holocaust survivors
Commissioned Portraits
Architectural Penrose Mosaics
Alternate Process - NYC skylines
Facades, Outdoor Spaces, Skylines
Commercial Interiors
Residential Interiors
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